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Tubular membrane modules for recycling pickling acids

| By Chemical Engineering

CUT Membrane Technology

CUT Membrane Technology

With cross-flow microfiltration, suspended particles can be removed from pickling acid effectively. Due to their high resistance against acids, caustics and abrasive metal particles, the T-CUT tubular modules (photo) are particularly suitable for this application. The symmetric tubular membranes are constructed from polypropylene (PP), offering resistance against abrasion, as well as mechanical and chemical stability. Microfiltration of pickling acids enables the contaminated liquid to be concentrated to a factor of up to five, which means a reduction of waste volume by the same amount. The remaining concentrate contains up to 35–40% solids. T-CUT PP modules ensure a stable permeate flux of about 80 L/(m2. h). The filtration performance is maintained by backflushing the symmetric membranes for a few seconds every 30 min. — CUT Membrane Technology GmbH, Erkrathm Germany