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Rugged enclosures available for medium-voltage drives

| By Mary Page Bailey

PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs; photo) packaged in Type 3R or IP54 enclosures are specifically designed and built for outdoor or remote installations to eliminate the need for a control room. The PowerFlex 6000 drive technology is suited for all-purpose, non-regenerative applications, such as fans, pumps, compressors, mills and flat-land conveyors. Type 3R or IP54-rated enclosures protect against rain, sleet, snow, ice and dirt, and the enclosures support a wide range of ambient temperature ratings. Users are given the choice of open-loop, forced-air cooling or closed-loop air-to-air heat-exchanger solutions to suit the application. An automatic enclosure-ventilation system optimizes the cooling system operation to help reduce operating costs. — Rockwell Automation, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.