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Recently Published Books for the CPI: July 2022

By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine |

The following recently published books may be of relevance to professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI)

Unique Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events. By Anthony Sofronas, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2022, 352 pages, $125.00.

Hydrogen-Assisted Direct Reduction of Iron Oxides. By Pasquale Cavaliere, Springer Chem Press, 2022, XXX pages. $169.00. 

Integration and Optimization of Unit Operations, a Review of Unit Operations from R&D to Production: Impacts of Upstream and Downstream Process Decisions. Edited by Barry Perlmutter, Elsevier Press, 2022, 362 pages, $170.00.

Full Scale Plant Optimization in Chemical Optimization: A Practical Guide. By Zivorad R. Lazic, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2022, 272 pages, $150.00.

Low-Grade Thermal Energy Harvesting: Advances in Materials, Devices and Emerging Applications, Woodhead Publishing, 2022, 264 pages, $161.50.

Heterogeneous Catalysis: Materials and Applications. Edited by Moises Cesario and Daniel de Macedo, Elsevier Press, 2022, 554 pages, $191.25.

Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering: The Benefit of Mathematical Methods in Applications of the Chemical Industry.  Edited by Michael Bortz and Norbert Aspirion, Elsevier Press, 2022, 250 pages, $186.19.  

Data-Driven Science and Engineering: Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control, 2nd ed., By Steven Brunton and Nathan Kutz, Cambridge University Press, 2022, 614 pages, $52.00 (e-book). 

The HAZOP Leader’s Handbook: How to Plan and Conduct Successful HAZOP Studies. By Philip Eames, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2022, 262 pages,$136.00.

Emerging Carbon Capture Technologies: Towards a Sustainable Future. Edited by Mohammad Khalid, Swapnil Dharaskar, Mika Sillanpää and Humaira Siddiqui, Elsevier Press, 2022, 500 pages, $170.00.

Water-Formed Deposits: Fundamentals and Mitigation Strategies. Edited by Zahid Amjad and Konstantinos Demadis, Elsevier Press, 2022, 856 pages, $195.00.

Machine Learning: A First Course for Engineers and Scientists. By Andreas Lindholm, Niklas Wahlstrom, Fredrik Lindsten and Thomas Schon, Cambridge University Press, 2022, 350 pages, $56.00 (e-book). 


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