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Recently Published Books for July 2021

By Scott Jenkins |

The following is a list of recently published books that may be relevant and useful to various areas within the chemical process industries (CPI).

Tribomaterials: Properties and Selection for Friction, Wear, and Erosion Applications. By Kenneth G. Budinski and Steven T. Budinski, ASM International, 2021, 477 pages, $199.00.

Integrated and Hybrid Process Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment. Edited by Abdul Mohammad and Wei Ang, Elsevier Publishing, 2021, 412 pages, $191.25.

Powder Flow Testing for Granulation Processes. By Freeman Technology, Freeman Technology self-published, 2021, e-book, free to download.

How to Commercialize Chemical Technologies for a Sustainable Future. Edited by Timothy Clark and Andrew Pasternack. John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2021, 304 pages, $135.00.

Calibration Essentials: Pressure. By Beamex Inc., Beamex self-published, 2021, e-book, free to download.

Metabolic Engineering: Concepts and Applications. Edited by San Yup Lee, Jens Nielsen and Gregory Stephanopoulas, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2021, 976 pages, $365.00.

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology, 4th ed., Part of the “Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sciences Series,” Edited by Dilip Parikh, CRC Press, 2021, 904 pages, $200.00.

Computer-aided Design of Fluid Mixing Equipment: A Guide and Tool for Practicing Engineers. By W. Roy Penney, Elsevier Publishing, 2021, 448 pages, $161.50.

Epoxy Composites: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications. Edited by Jyothishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Harikrishnan Pulikkalparambil, Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa and Suchart Siengchin, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2021, 448 pages, $175.00.

Liquid Biofuels: Fundamentals, Characterization and Applications. Edited by Krushna Prasad Shadangi, Wiley-Scrivener Publishing, 2021, 752 pages, $250.00.

Digital Transformation of the Laboratory: A Practical Guide to the Connected Lab. Edited by Klemen Zupancic, Tea Pavlek and Jana Erjavac, Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2021, 368 pages, $150.00.

Distillation: Principles and Practice, 2nd ed. By Johann Stichlmair, Harald Klein and Sebastian Rehfeldt, Wiley-AIChE Publishing, 2021, 688 pages, $195.00.

Root Cause Failure Analysis: A Guide to Improve Plant Reliability. By Trinath Sahoo, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2021, 352 pages, $150.00.

Delivering Safety Excellence: Engagement Culture at Every Level. By Michael M. Williamsen, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2021, 272 pages, $99.95.



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