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New additions to IIoT software

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

A new packaging of Seeq features and packages was launched in March that features and applications as Seeq Team and Seeq Enterprise editions (photo). Both, which run best as SaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure, represent the culmination of learning and experiences with hundreds of Seeq deployments in process-manufacturing organizations. For these manufacturers, Seeq enables advanced analytics insights to improve production and business outcomes across their organizations. Seeq Cortex, a renaming of Seeq Server, is included in both editions and is the execution engine that delivers key features, including multi-source and type data connectivity, security, calculation scalability, and other features. Seeq Cortex ensures immediate and long-term support for user data architectures and IT requirements. Among the Cortex benefits is the abstraction of data sources with high speed connectivity to multiple and diverse time series and contextual data sources, including historians and SQL-based data sources. — Seeq Corp., Seattle, Wash.