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Faster tank cleaning with lower water consumption

| By Chemical Engineering



Orbitor Eco fast-cycle impingement cleaners (photo) are an alternative to spray balls for cleaning tanks and storage vessels. Rather than being geared for maximum power, Orbitor Eco devices are instead configured for maximum speed and water efficiency. These new machines can complete a cleaning cycle in under two minutes with flowrates as low as 45 L/min. When compared with spray balls, Orbitor Eco products operate at a similar pressure (2–3 bars), while offering a larger cleaning range (up to 10-m diameter), as much as 95% reduction in water consumption per cycle and a shorter cleaning-cycle time. With the availability of universal fittings, connectors, a range of threads and where required, adaptors, it is likely that in many cases, existing tanks, pumps and pipework will not need to be changed significantly for cleaning with Orbitor Eco devices. — Bete Ltd., Lewes, U.K.