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Chlor-alkali plant commissioned in Bangladesh

| By Scott Jenkins

International Process Plants and Equipment Corp. (IPP) and Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co. Ltd. (BCMC, a unit of ChemChina), announced today that they have completed commissioning of SR Chemical Group’s brand new chlor-alkali production complex, yielding 30,000 tons/yr of 32% caustic soda.

IPP and BCMC have been delighted to serve as the plant supplier for the Chlor-Alkali plant. This challenging project in a remote rural area of Northern Bangladesh was only able to be accomplished through a close collaboration of BCMC, SR Chemical, and IPP. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the final installation and testing work due to travel restrictions and health precautions, but BCMC and SR Chemical’s talented project teams managed to revise their work plans to accommodate for the changing circumstances without stopping the project’s progress,” said Ross Gale, Vice President of International Process Plants.

SR Chemical is proud to bring over 1,000 technical jobs to the rural Sherpur, Bogura community, providing demanded chemicals for the textile, paper, water treatment, and disinfectant industries domestically as well as abroad.

SR Group ( is one of the biggest & leading conglomerates of Bangladesh since 1978. Now, the group is running 17 units of Telecom, Transport, Logistic, Restaurant, Garment Accessories, Food Processing, FMCG, CNG Processing, Chemical, Information Technology, and Mobile Finance successfully, with over 6,000 employees.

International Process Plants and Equipment Corp. engages in buying and selling new, used and surplus process plants and equipment, as well as industrial real estate globally. The company focuses on buying and selling process plants in the chemical, petrochemical, food, fertilizer, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, refining, paper, polymers, artificial fibers, and power generation industries. The company with offices and infrastructure in fourteen countries including the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, and Romania.

Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Company Ltd. (BCMC; is a unit of the largest chemical company in China, ChemChina. BCMC develops ion exchange membrane electrolyzers. Over 70% of all Chlor-Alkali plants in China utilize BCMC’s equipment/ technology.