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A one-size-fits-all electrolyzer for ‘green H2’ production

| By Gerald Ondrey

This company is launching the first standardized electrolyzer suitable for mass production. The EL 4.0 (photo) is a fourth-generation anion-exchange-membrane (AEM) electrolyzer the company has been developed since 2017. The new version is smaller, lighter and ISO 22734 certifiable. The technology combines the benefits of alkaline electrolyzers’ low-cost materials (steel instead of titanium) with the flexibility and compact size of proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) electrolyzers. The standardized modules can be stacked and combined for projects of any size — all the way to the megawatt scale. The EL 4.0 has a production rate of 500 NL/h of H2 with 99.9% purity (99.999% with optional dryer) and a pressure of 35 bars. — Enapter AG, Berlin, Germany