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A new vacuum filter for maximum hygiene

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Nutrion (photo) is a new vacuum drum filter with a hygiene-optimized design that ensures high-quality end products for demanding sectors, such as food and pharmaceuticals. It features a self-emptying filter trough, a vapor-tight hood and advanced control options. Compared to traditional vacuum drum filters, the Nutrion vacuum filter has multiple improved features to eliminate any risk of contamination. Its filter trough is designed without any internal mechanical components and with self-emptying capability, simplifying the maintenance process and increasing cleanliness in this sensitive area. The vapor-tight hood eliminates the risk of contamination, with integrated nozzles for fully automatic cleaning in place (CIP), as well as optional cake washing. A magnetic clamping eliminates dirt traps and reduces downtime for filter cloth changes. For pre-coat applications, product quality and safety are also enhanced by the addition of a pre-coat scraper with step motors, again with CIP and a fully enclosed design. Nutrion comes with the proven Metris addIQ control system. The Nutrion filter has optoelectronic sensors for measuring cake height, as well as continuous trough-level measurement. — Andritz AG, Gratz, Austria